Emphysema Severity Index (ESI) Predicts Respiratory Death in a Large Swedish General Population

Recently, the ESI emphysema severity index software was used to calculate ESI index in a wide Swedish population (4.000 subjects).  Authors found that ESI was significantly correlated to respiratory death but not non-respiratory death, while other standard variables as: high age, male sex and low FEV1 was associated with non-respiratory as well as respiratory death. Current smoking habits increased the hazard of respiratory death but did not reach significance (p 0.066). They found that  one unit increase in ESI increased hazard rate of all-cause death by 20% (p 0.0002) and hazard ratio of respiratory death by 57% (p <0.0001).

Related papers:

  • Luoto J, Pihlsgård M, Pistolesi M, Paoletti M, Occhipinti M, Wollmer P, Elmståhl Sö, Emphysema severity index (ESI) associated with respiratory death in a large Swedish general population, Respiratory Medicine (2022), doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rmed.2022.106899.


The software Emphysema App is now officially SIAE registered.

The emphysema.app software for the calculation of the ESI is now officially registered.

All the published computer programs that respect the originality and creativity requisites can be registered to the SIAE Public Register for Software with unique ID CODE so they can be identified as official intellectual properties.

The Emphysema.app software is officially protected. All the copyrigths regarding algorithms, software, source code, graphics, appearence, etc, are reserved by the author.

Emphysema severity assessment: ESI is now validated

The server-side (real time) software developed for ESI calculation is now validated.

The ESI methodology was implemented to provide a simple and effective tool for the assessment of emphysema severity in smokers, ex-smokers patients with COPD.

The web-based application available here at www.emphysema.app was used to calculate the ESI (Emphysema Severity Index) in a population of 5930 subjects (smokers, ex-smokers, patients with COPD).

The ESI values were compared with the CT-based metrics obtained by advanced software (CT images analysis).

The results are now published in Respiratory Research:

Validation of a method to assess emphysema severity by spirometry in the COPDGene study

ESI new version 1.0.3

Updated version of the calculator: ESI index for the assessment of emphysema

New version 1.0.3 is released online.

Bug fixes, more data to input for complete reports, faster calculation process.

Try it. Request a demo account, visit the contact pages.


ESI Release 1.0.1

The new version of the ESI application for the assessment of emphysema in smokers, ex smokers and patients with COPD, release 1.0.1 is on line !

This ESI test version is active for research use only.

For research projects and partnerships please contact us.


Beta version 5.2

New beta release for tests:

ESI, Emphysema Severity Index web-app version 5.2 just released:

  • Bux fixes
  • Security procedures implemented
  • New fresh and simple graphics elements

Soon available the CE marked version 1.0 !

For test and demo accounts please contact us.

Beta 4.3 version

New release, 23/01/2019:

Beta 4.3 version available for test.

Better navigation and secure calculation procedures have been added in this version.

The CE mark certification will be available as soon as possible for clinical applications !

Stay tuned…..