Emphysema Severity Index (ESI) Predicts Respiratory Death in a Large Swedish General Population

Recently, the ESI emphysema severity index software was used to calculate ESI index in a wide Swedish population (4.000 subjects).  Authors found that ESI was significantly correlated to respiratory death but not non-respiratory death, while other standard variables as: high age, male sex and low FEV1 was associated with non-respiratory as well as respiratory death. Current smoking habits increased the hazard of respiratory death but did not reach significance (p 0.066). They found that  one unit increase in ESI increased hazard rate of all-cause death by 20% (p 0.0002) and hazard ratio of respiratory death by 57% (p <0.0001).

Related papers:

  • Luoto J, Pihlsgård M, Pistolesi M, Paoletti M, Occhipinti M, Wollmer P, Elmståhl Sö, Emphysema severity index (ESI) associated with respiratory death in a large Swedish general population, Respiratory Medicine (2022), doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rmed.2022.106899.